Lunch Box Tips (Wellness Policy For Kahnawake Schools) pdf

Breakfasts + Snacks + Lunches : A Pratical and User-Friendly Guide! pdf

Eat Right Ontario - Healthy lunch ideas for the new school year

Eat Right Ontario - Back to school nutrition basics

Eat Right Ontario - Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas

Health - Back to school

Parenting - Recipes for picky eaters

Tips for healthy lunches

'Bake It Up!' - Tasty treats for healthier school bakesales

Lice pdf

Tetanus pdf

Epipen (has instructional videos)

Link to have e-mail reminders to get renewals on the EpiPen

Classroon Celebrations pdf

Healthy Fundraising Ideas pdf

Healthy Snack Ideas pdf

Non-Food Rewards pdf

For Athletes

Delicious Snacks - Maximizing Your Performance

Ditching Dehydration

Carb Fuel & Protein Power - An easy recipe for Fast Recovery

Make a perfect team - Choose a variety of foods


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