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ADVANCED ACCESS SCHEDULING (out-patient initiative)
Doing today’s work today.
Assures appropriate timely access to appointments

The purpose is to see you when needed:

  • For an acute health problem;
  • When your periodic health exam is due;
  • Follow-up for Well Baby Care, CSST, chronic illness, diabetes, and hypertension not well controlled…

Contrary to the old model, you had to call well in advance (3 months and longer for regular checkups). Now you need to call when an appointment is needed and depending on the urgency of the problem you will be seen within a 2 week period. Obviously the delay may be longer after/during vacation, holidays or flu season.
For this system to work we will need your collaboration:

  • Your problem requires a consultation: in what time frame? Have you considered calling info santé at 8-1-1?
  • When you call, the front desk will ask some questions to orient you to the most appropriate resource e.g. Clinic nurse, diabetes nurse, walk-in clinic if same day appointments are filled, otherwise they will give you an appointment with-in a 1 to 14 day period.
  • Clients with chronic illness but stable can be seen annually and those with multiple problems 2 to 3 time a year with the knowledge that if they are acutely ill they will now be able to get a rapid appt.
  • Cancer patients will be seen as needed
  • For the periodic health exam for otherwise healthy individuals these will now be scheduled every 2 years. Prescriptions will be adjusted.
  • Gynecological exams with pap tests can be done every two years unless the client was given instructions for annual Pap test due to past history of abnormal pap, history of cervical treatments etc.…
  • Clients with mental health issues on medication will be seen as needed then annually once stable.
  • When coming in for your appointment: be sure to bring a copy of your medications, Blood pressure readings and or blood glucose readings if appropriate.

These changes are to provide you with better access to services and improve both your and physician satisfaction. As with any changes, there will be an adjustment period as a backlog of clients are incorporated.

If you require additional information, please call (450) 638-3930










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