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The User’s Committee is made up of volunteers dedicated to improving services for users of health care services at Kateri Memorial Hospital.


What type of patient are you?

The User’s Committee has the mandate to protect the rights of users. The principles underlying this mandate are: the committee acts independently; represents all users; makes sure that users’ rights are respected; and develops a partnership with the establishment.

Their Functions include:

  1. Informing users of their rights and obligations through meetings, newsletters, website entries, and Public Service announcements via local media, i.e. radio, cable TV and newspapers.  
  1. Fostering the improvement of the quality of living conditions of users by making themselves aware of the surrounding cleanliness, safety, the quality of food, the activities and treatments offered
  2. Assessing the degree of satisfaction with services obtained through formal surveys as well as speaking with users, making room visits and managing a User suggestion box
  3. Defending the common rights of users by providing feedback to hospital administration regarding areas for improvement
  4. Assisting a user in filing a complaint either in writing or verbally which they then forward to the Executive Director for review and follow-up. 

To speak with a User Committee member, please contact

Lidia De Simone 450 638 3930 x 2201
Terry Williams 450 638 3930 x 2344











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