To provide quality care to the clients of KMHC through the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders and Dysphagia, in accordance with the vision, mission and values of the hospital.

The mandate of the Speech Therapist is to provide support for clients who are affected by Dysphagia. An inability to chew and swallow safely is called a Dysphagia.

The speech department will provide evaluation, treatment and education regarding swallowing difficulties in order to assist clients in reducing their risks of choking and aspirating food.


  • Provide services to the adult population (Primarily Inpatient Department clientele).

  • Plan, implement, educate and evaluate the dysphagia program.

  • Assess and treat receptive and expressive language disorders.

  • Assess and treat cognitive-language disorders.

  • Assess and treat motor speech disorders.

  • Participate in interdisciplinary team initiatives.
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