The Risk & Quality Management Program of Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre is in place to promote safety for staff, volunteers and users and enhance the quality of care and services provided. This will be accomplished by:

  • Identifying risks to staff, volunteers and users and taking appropriate action to reduce / eliminate them.

  • Evaluating whether standards are met and taking corrective actions as necessary.

  • Client knowledge and skill development.

  • Providing a flow of information regarding risk and quality management activities so as to coordinate all efforts.

Areas of Activities

Quality Improvement functions involve assisting in the development of the process to assess the quality of care/services, to promote teamwork and provide consultation on quality improvement activities, and seek evidence that quality improvement goals are achieved

Risk Management functions involve being proactive in identifying risks to the safety of users and staff, reviewing and analyzing incidents and accidents that have occurred and ensuring activities to either mitigate a risk or prevent recurrence of the accident are in place.

Services Provided

  • Education

  • Consultation

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