As members of the health care team, Occupational Therapists provide quality rehabilitation, preventative care and education to the clients of Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre and the community of Kahnawake.

Occupational therapy services are indicated when engaging in the occupations of everyday living becomes a challenge or is at risk of becoming a challenge.

Treatment Goals:

  • Optimize independence and safety in activities that are important to the client: personal care (e.g. bathing, dressing), mobility, productivity (e.g. house chores, preparing meals, work), and leisure
  • Maintain or improve quality of life
  • Help to maintain clients in their home environment

Services Provided

  • Evaluation of clients’ ability to perform daily activities, taking into account physical and/or mental factors, as well as their living environment
  • Screening for cognitive or perceptual difficulties
  • Identifying obstacles in the environment and proposing appropriate solutions for greater independence and safety (e.g. adaptive equipment and training in its use)
  • Exercises to reduce pain, or to maintain/improve range of motion, strength, coordination, balance and endurance
  • Training in daily activities
  • Interventions to improve comfort (while sitting or in bed) and prevent or treat pressure ulcers
  • Education about illness and ways to adjust it
  • Recommendations of splints for upper limbs
  • Assisting with applications for 4-wheeled scooters

Other Services

  • Medicare wheelchair assessment clinic

Clienteles Served

  • Geriatric, orthopedic, rheumatologic, neurologic
  • Short-term care, long-term care, home patients and outpatients

Note: Children with disabilities are served only for house accessibility assessment and for              requests for technical aids.

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