Congruent with the KMHC mission, the KMHC Diabetes Education Program supports staff that is confident and accountable for giving quality care to the individual and family living with diabetes. We implement a flexible and holistic approach including the physical, spiritual, emotional and social components into our client assessments and management practices. We seek to identify and encourage behavior change to make choices and modify risk factors in the development and control of diabetes. The Diabetes Education Program works in collaboration with an inter-disciplinary diabetes health care team that promotes professional development to support quality practice.

Areas of Activities

  • Self-management education for disease control and risk factor management.

  • Counseling and support.

  • Client knowledge and skill development.

  • Community group education and support.

Services Provided - By referral to users of KMHC

  • Diabetes management education and counseling for clients living with diabetes.

  • Nutrition education and counseling for clients living with diabetes.

  • Clinical case management.

  • Group education for blood monitoring and general disease management.

  • Providing education and information resources in hospital.

  • Inpatient visits as needed.
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