The Community Health unit provides primary health care to Kahnawa'kehro:non through culturally relevant public education, consultations, clinics, and awareness programs, in collaboration with other community organizations.

Areas of Activities

Newborn home visits, well-baby clinics, pre-natal consultations, classes and visits, school health, adult prevention programs relating to lifestyle concerns including pre-conceptual health, Alcohol Related Birth Defects (ARBD) and reportable diseases follow-up.

Specific Programs

Are available in all the above areas. Please call the unit for details.


  • video
  • curriculum

Dawn Montour,


Community Health Unit

Unit Manager
Newborn Home Visits, Well Baby Clinic and Reportable Diseases 450.638.3930 ext.2213

Community Health Nurses
(School Health) 450.638.3930 ext.2323
(School / Staff Health) 450.638.3930 ext.2343
(Adult Prevention) 450.638.3930 ext.2322/2324
(Pre-natal and Pre-conceptual Health) 450.638.3930 ext.2343

Community Health Worker
(Cancer Care) 450.638.3930 ext.2324
(Breast Feeding Support) 450.638.3930 ext.2343

Secretary 450.638.3930 ext.2344












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