KMHC is proud to announce the results of Accreditation Canada’s 2012 assessment.Of the 905 criteria evaluated at the onsite visit, KMHC met 880 - that is 97.25%

KMHC has ten teams that assess quality and patient safety.There are four core teams - Governance, Management, Infection Prevention and Control and Quality Medication Management. Our client service teams include Long Term Inpatient Care, Short Term In-Patient Care, Primary Care (Clinic), Community Health and Wellness (Community Health Unit), Home Care, Home Care Support.

Accreditation Canada, is a not-for-profit, independent organization providing health care organizations with a process to assess and improve their services and provides easy access to information so organizations can learn from each other. The present assessment program, Qmentum emphasizes health system performance, risk prevention planning, client safety, performance measurement, and governance. The ‘mentum’ part of the name reflects the structure of the program which ensures improvement activities are continuous.

Accreditation Canada has worked with First Nation health care centers to ensure that the standards assessed are relevant to the reality of First Nations.

KMHC is an accredited health care facility.



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Surveyors’ observations during the on-site survey

Below are some of the surveyors’ comments on KMHC strengths, areas of improvement and future challenges:

  • Having a physician responsible for professional services offered at Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre (KMHC) is notable.
  • Recently an ethicist was contracted to assist with the ethical framework to ensure it meets the organization’s needs.
  • Collaboration is a strength and they are commended for the training initiatives to develop a base of future employees such as in nursing and physicians.
  • The organization is an excellent example of a seamless process from home care to long term care. Community members can begin with day visits to one of the adult day care centers where their assessment is done and progress over time into short term and long term care. This provides excellent service through knowledge of medical issues and concerns from day one, and a comfort level of the resident and families. Socialization for the community member is also greatly improved through the interactions at the adult day care centre which can prolong their stay in their home setting.
  • Staff are involved in safety initiatives such as medication reconciliation and falls prevention.
  • Staff are supported in educational initiatives.


  • Addressing the storage issues that present themselves in the facility.
  • Maintaining focus on quality and safety in the upcoming expansion will require tremendous efforts.

Areas of Improvement:

  • There is continued movement from manual systems to electronic to increase efficiency and safety. This includes initiatives around electronic records and prescription pads, through to charting and administrative processes.

We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continued improvement of our services as we enter our 4th Accreditation cycle.

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